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F.A.Q. Section
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Why should I study with the Craniosacral Resource Center?
Firstly, we provide high quality training. Lead instructor, Ryan Hallford has teaching experience spanning 20 years specifically devoted to craniosacral instruction. He brings a broad knowledge base to the classroom, drawing from his experience studying with four different prominent schools of cranial work. He has shared the classroom as both student and instructor with practitioners and teachers from all around the world. Our classes are intentionally small so that each student gets personalized attention. Ryan is available for follow-up instruction and guidance as you take craniosacral therapy “to the streets” and face the many challenges new therapists encounter when bringing this alternative therapy to the general public.

Comprehensive approach - No other school in the USA offers both biodynamic and biomechanical instruction under the same roof. With the CRC you get a comprehensive scope of instruction with the continuity of one school. For the student serious about being effective in a clinical setting, it is essential that he/she grasp both biomechanical and biodynamic methods of working with the human body.

How much does the certification program cost?
The total cost for the Classical Craniosacral Certification program is approximately $1300.

Classical CST I - $595
Classical CST II - $595
Enrollment - $100 (To cover cost of reviewing practice session documentation, exam administration, etc.)

The cost for the Advanced Program is approximately $4000.

Biodynamics I - $595
Biodynamics II - $595
Biodynamics III - $595
Biodynamics IV - $595
Biodynamics V - $595
Biodynamics VI - $595
Enrollment - $100 administration fee
Additional (small) facility fees may apply for some residential classes.

If you are not interested in certification, you can take the full program without paying enrollment fees.

Can I just take the classes without seeking certification?

I already have some cranial training, but would like to learn more. Where do I start?
Contact Ryan to discuss which classes are most appropriate for your experience level. We welcome therapists who have trained with other schools.

Will I be a craniosacral therapist after taking your program?
That depends. The basic program is designed to equip you to utilize craniosacral work as a part of your practice. If you would like to make CST your focus or specialty, you need to complete the advanced certification program.
Craniosacral practitioners are often sought out by members of the community facing significant health challenges. Adequate training is essential to provide safe and effective therapeutic care.